Marc Knops
Marc KnopsMaster brewer
Marc Knops (aged 54) belongs to the top of the best Master brewers in Europe. For almost 40 years Marc Knops has been brewing beer – it is his job and his life. At the age of 16 he started to work for the brewery Maes in Waarloos (Antwerp, Belgium) and ever since his passion for brewing never stopped. After a lifetime’s experience as an independent brewer, he can present an impressive Curriculum Vitae. He developed multiple recipes for Belgian beers or improved their formulae. At this moment he is still brewing for the monks in Limburg, Belgium, as well as for the Benedictines in Italy, Umbria. For this reason he has built an outstanding reputation all over the world and even in the States he is nicknamed “the wonder boy”.
Patrick Van Gompel
Patrick Van GompelPR & Press Officer
Patrick Van Gompel (60) has been a journalist for almost 40 years now. In 1989 he started to work at the commercial TV station “VTM” as a news reporter. He has seen many wars as a war correspondent, but near a beautifully set table, a nice glass of wine or a special beer his eyes will sparkle. So he decided to introduce his own beer to the market. He quotes: “the crazier the brewing, the tougher the beer”. In other words: he only participates if it is worthwhile. Warning: he detests the use of unnecessary diminutives
François Huysmans
François HuysmansInitiator
After his career as maître sommelier and wine consultant for restaurants, it was only a small step for François Huysmans towards his other passion: beer. With his well-trained taste buds and his exercised nose, there is a lot to discover in beer land. Together with Marc Knops and Patrick Van Gompel it is a dream come true to make an exclusive beer, not only for beer lovers, but also for gastronomes. His entire life has been spent searching for the perfect match between food and drinks, also in restaurants.
Britt Fieremans
Britt FieremansLogistic Coordinator
Britt Fieremans is responsible for the administration and all logistics for François Grand Cru. The administration of alcoholic drinks is a familiar field. She has been working for 25 years for Wine World, a specialty shop for wine lovers in Antwerp.