François Grand Cru

François is a full bodied, blonde beer of 9% alcohol, with a hint of hops, all well balanced in a bottle of 33cl. It is a strong beer with dry hopping and secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Master brewer Marc Knops has created the exclusive blonde beer FRANCOIS Grand Cru.

It is not just any beer. Master brewer Marc Knops has worked with utmost concentration on his latest beer. He wrote the recipe for “François” in his brewery Varenbroek in Reet, Province of Antwerp, Belgium. All his expertise, his lifetime’s knowledge and craftsmanship have been used to create it.

Who is the brewer?

Marc Knops (aged 54) belongs to the top of the best Master brewers in Europe. For almost 40 years Marc Knops has been brewing beer – it is his job and his life.

What is in a name?

“François is a beautiful name, I gave it a lot of thought”, said Patrick. And so he has “François” sounds good in Belgium and in most other countries.

Grand Cru

François Grand Cru is an exceptional beer made with 4 different hop and 4 different beer yeasts.

How to serve?

The beer “François Grand Cru” should be served in one slow and  smooth movement from the bottle into the glass, without the “glugging” behaviour which disturbs the flow of liquid.  This is our advice.

Marc Knops, master brewer telegraphic style

– Born on 31st of December 1962 in Wilrijk, Antwerp, Belgium
– Primary school in Wilrijk
– Secondary school VTI Kontich, Antwerp (technical school)
– 3 December 1979 first job at the brewery Maes in Waarloos (technical service and maintenance)
– 1980 Military service
– 1980 and following years:
Evening school book keeping and computer science, secondary higher level in Mortsel (Antwerp) for 3 years, 3 evenings/week. Result: degree in book keeping and computer science
3 year weekend education at the brewery school in Gent (C.T.L. Voskenslaan). Result: degree in brewing and malting technology
Education accountancy and taxation LBC high school Antwerp. Result: more certificates
Language training English LBC Mortsel
– 1981-1985 Brewery Maes Waarloos, Antwerp (maintenance, production, fermentation, brewing rooms)
– 1983 Brewery Villers, Liezele, Puurs, Antwerp
– 1996 Start up brewery in Gespunsart, North of France
– 1998 Brewery Duysters, De Loterbol, Diest
– 1998 Bankruptcy brewery Villers
– 1999 Brewery Riva, Dentergem, Dentergems Witbier, Vondel, Lucifer
– 1999 Subcontracting job as demolisher at Inbev, demolition Lamot, Haacht, Hoegaarden
– 1999 Domus, Leuvendiggewitte, white beer with wheat 6.5%
– 2000 De Halve Maan, Hulst, Netherlands
– 2001-2007 Les Brasseurs in Brussels
– 2004 De Halve Maan Bruges, Brugse Zot, Straffe Hendrik
– 2004 Bought horticultural property, Reet, with the intention of building a brewery
– 2005 Brewery L’Imprimerie, in Saint-Job, ukkel, Brussels
– 2006 Brewery De Koninck, Berchem, Antwerp, Tripel d’Anvers
– 2007 Brewery De Landtsheer, Buggenhout, beer Malheur
– 2015 Brewery Varenbroek: Joske, Knots, Ambassadeur
– 2016 Brewery Varenbroek: Admiral
– 2017 Brewery Varenbroek: François Grand Cru

What makes “François Grand Cru” so special: 4 different yeasts and 4 different hops